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About Blue Aster


When it comes to remodeling, new construction or a full refresh of your space, we can help you! Whatever category you fall in, all can be challenging. We would love to help you create a vision and turn your vision into your reality!

We have helped clients with remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, home offices, living spaces, outside living spaces, exterior face-lifts, new construction, furniture and furnishings selection, artwork, and even staging a space for an event and  a home sale.

We tap into our network of specialists as needed - woodworkers, contractors, painters, and other talented experts that we have built relationships with to provide a high level of quality and workmanship to all of our projects.  We will 'walk with you' through this process to ensure that when we are completed it is YOUR space.  Not only beautiful but functional and capturing who you are!  Communication is key in our process.  I often tell my clients be prepared for a lot of conversations!

I'm often asked... how did you come up with the name BLUE ASTER? 

I came up with the name back in 2008 when I lost my dad to cancer.  My dad was a lifetime farmer in Iowa.  Days before he passed, he was being transported from Ames to Des Moines for a special procedure.  He had been in the hospital for over a week.  As the EMTs were taking him from the ambulance through the doors of the hospital, he asked them if they could stop for a minute so he could gaze up at the sky one more time...the beautiful blue sky that he hadn't been able to look at in several days. This story was told to me by the EMT... who stood well over 6 feet tall and built like a football player, with tears in his eyes.  The outdoors and sky, well that was my dad's office over his lifetime.  Now I never get tired of looking up at the beautiful blue sky!  And asters,  well they were my mom's favorite flowers and, you guessed it, she carried a bouquet of asters in their wedding.  Blue Aster... In memory of my parents.


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