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Love the holidays but don't enjoy decorating?  We can help!

The holidays are often hectic!  But they should be the time of year to enjoy precious moments with family and friends. So, this year we are excited to be opening up our Holiday Design Services to make your holiday less stressful! 

Whether you need help decorating your HOME or BUSINESS for the holidays, Blue Aster can help you create your holiday vision!  

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas composition. Christmas gifts,

Christmas Trees...We can work with your existing ornaments, mix new with some of your current treasured ornaments, or provide you with a completely new look!

Christmas Decor...We can help you with any space in your home or business. Be it your family room, fireplace, entry way, lobby in your office or event room, we would love to help get your space into the Christmas spirit! 

Christmas Decor Shopping...Are you looking to change the look of your Christmas tree this year?  Or are you looking to update your Christmas decor?  Let us do all your holiday decor shopping for you! 


Take Down...And when the holidays are over, we can take down the decorations for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does the process work?

We will meet with you at your home or business for a free 1 hour consultation to discuss ideas, supplies/materials and budget.  Our next step will be to develop an overall design for your space including colors, decor options, cost and timing.  Then the fun begins to transform your space!

How soon do I need to reserve my consultation date?
As soon as you can!  Please contact us and we can determine the size of your project and availability for this year.  Spots are limited. We are already putting together our 2020 calendar, so contact us now to reserve a spot for next year!

What if I have no idea how I want to decorate my space?

No problem!  We are happy to create a vision for you!  

What can I do to be prepared ahead of time?

Know where all your holiday decorations are, have a game plan on where you want your holiday décor to go, have your holiday decorations out of storage and have an idea of your decorating budget.

My family and I like to decorate the tree. Can you decorate the rest of my home and not the tree?



How can I decrease the overall cost of in-home holiday decorating services?

Have everything out and go through it ahead of time. Fluff the tree and check to ensure lights are working.

How long will it take for my space to be completed?
It depends.  If you want us to create a completely new look for you, we will need time to order and receive your new decor.  The timing of delivery is often out of our control.
Can I take down the decorations myself?

Of course. Prices for Take Down are separate from installation prices.

Once I am a client can a Holiday Design reservation be guaranteed for next year if I request it?
Absolutely!  We open up our holiday calendar first to our existing clients.

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