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America's Heartland - captured!

Finding that perfect piece of art for your space can be very challenging. Getting the right color and style can be impossible. But even more difficult is to find a piece of art that has meaning to you.

Title: A Past Life

When I work with clients, I try to capture who they are in their space. So, while working with a client on updating her business space here in central Iowa, how thrilled was I to find Fox Studios!!!

Title: A Sky To Remember

A little bit about Fox Studios...

Bill Fox is the founder and owner of Fox Studios.

Raised and living in the midwest, the inspiration for his work comes from the scenes and soul of America's heartland. Throughout his career, he's found great comfort in loosely capturing with paint and canvas the rural countryside of our great country.

Title: October Golden

Bill was born and raised in Michigan. He is a life long painter. His first job out of college was painting paintings for a variety of furniture stores.

Growing up and now, he's always had an affinity, a feeling of closeness to America's countryside. His paintings are an attempt to try and capture the heart and soul, past and present, life and loss of rural America. Americas heartland.

His paintings hang in galleries, commercial buildings and residential spaces.

Where can you purchase Fox Studio Art?

You can find Fox Studio's portfolio of art on Etsy at: Or give us a call at Blue Aster and we can work with you and your space to customize a piece for you. Rural Midwest.... very, very close to my heart!!

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