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Sweetgrass Candle Company... An Iowa Product!

I wanted to share with you a gift I recently received. A candle from Sweetgrass Candle Company located in southern Iowa. Haven't heard of them? Neither had I!

We all love to have candles in our home! They add an instant ambiance to any room. The flicker of a flame and the smell of a yummy scent create a cozy and inviting space for you and your guests. Unless... the candle is made from chemicals that could cause health risks.

Sweetgrass Candle Company hand makes their candles and they come in a variety of unique combinations of wonderful scents. If a trip to your local candle shop leaves you feeling queasy, you’ve experienced synthetic fragrance in action. Not exactly the vibe you want to give off around your home!

Who are they?

Sweetgrass Candle Company is located in Moulton, Iowa. It is a family owned business started by Mona Fowler. Mona started the business after the loss of both parents to cancer.

Mona's primary purpose for starting the business was to make the world healthier by providing safe products you can trust.

Initially her goal was to create body products that helped control what people put on their bodies.

She first started by getting into herbalism and making soaps, herbal salves, deodorants and lotions.

The company than expanded into making wax melts and candles. Again with the focus of creating candles that are not only safe but, unlike many of the store bought wax melts, holds the scents over the life of the candle.

Current candle fragrances include (but new scents are always being created):

Fir & Blue Sage

Sweetgrass & Violet

Country Breeze

Eucalyptus & Spearmint

Macintosh Apple

Blue Spruce

White Thyme & Rosemary

Caribbean Salsa


Baja Cactus Blossom - notes of citrus & green, coconut, floral, musk & woody

Volcano - notes of fruit, tropical, foliage, driftwood

Sea Salt Blossom - notes of florals & sea moss, dewy greens, wood & musk

Blackberry Sage

Strawberry Lemon Ice

Malibu Sunset

Moss & Amber

Raspberry Sangria

Gin & Tonic

Pina Colada

Ginger Appletini

Raspberry Sangria

Their candle products include a wick-less candle that comes in a 4 oz tin, a 8 oz and 16 oz jar, a 8 oz candle tin and a variety of soy wax melts.

In addition, the Sweetgrass Candle Company wanted to create something different than the usual flowery candle that men can enjoy. So they started making Mandles (man candles).

Some fun scent's currently include:

Hayride Green Grass Whiskey

Campfire Black Ice Timber


How are the candles made?

The candles are made in small batches, with 100% Midwestern grown soy wax. Soy wax is clean burning, non-toxic, and has a longer burning time than store bought wax. And, the candles are additive and dye free.

They use premium fragrance oils that are Phthalate free.

For containers... they like to use travel tins and jars that can be re-purposed after the candle is gone.

Where to buy them?

To purchase products from Sweetgrass Candle Company, you can email them directly at:

Watch for their website coming soon!

Sweetgrass Candle Company is creating a safe and great product for your home with amazing smells!

And Made in Iowa ... Enjoy!

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