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Aronson Woodworks

I am beyond excited to be able to offer my clients beautiful furniture and home accents custom made by Aronson Woodworks!

I had the pleasure of meeting Clay and Megan Aronson and visiting their facility in Prole, Iowa while I was on the hunt for a unique fireplace mantle. I was blown away by their furniture!

Not only the story behind salvaging nature's beautiful ash wood and the quality of each hand made piece, but their unique designs and artistic look that each piece brings to any space.

It was like I had stumbled upon a true gem in Iowa!


Then a few weeks later, while traveling home from a family vacation, I came across an article in the HGTV magazine featuring their work! Say what!

HGTV Magazine: Vern Yip's Rosemary Beach Home featuring the Ronin Canosole Table by Aronson Woodworks

They had the amazing opportunity to create a piece for Vern Yip (an amazing interior designer) at his home on Rosemary Beach. Ironically, we had vacationed just a few minutes from there.

Their story is such a success! And how exciting for us to have that success located here in Iowa.

And not only can they make furniture pieces to your liking, but they have also made kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, wood accent walls and more out of their amazing product.

So if you are looking to CREATE SOMETHING UNIQUE in your space, be able to CHOOSE YOUR COLORS, and have a piece in your home MADE IN IOWA, keep reading!


Their production facility sits on 6 acres nestled within rolling Iowa farmland. They are located just a stone’s throw away from downtown Des Moines, Iowa.

Their company exists because of their passion for making finely crafted custom wood furniture by using the same time honored joinery techniques as generations of master craftsman before them. While the majority of fine furniture available on the market today isn’t made like it used to be, THEIRS STILL IS!

Color Shown:  Cloak with Citrine

This passion is why they hold their products to the higher standards of a bygone era of craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade and finished in their workshop using a blend of modern machines and traditional hand tools.

Aronson Woodworks Founder, Clay Aronson, after graduating from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, perfected his craft in a 19th century furniture-making shop. As a Master Craftsman, keeping with the principles of traditional woodworking, Clay has developed a team to build furniture with the same level of excellence that fuels his passion for quality.

Color Shown:  Seagull

Aronson Woodworks specializes in furniture as works of art made for everyday living. Hand-crafted pieces are designed to customer’s specifications and are artfully finished with the Aronson Woodworks CLAIZE™ finishing technique of custom coloring the field and grain of the wood.

Aronson Woodworks CLAIZE finishes are revolutionary and their patent-pending application process is transforming the way the world sees wood grain. Unlike a typical cerused finish, their CLAIZE process uses two or more opaque paint colors to achieve a completely covered wood surface while accentuating the natural grain pattern of the wood. It is designed to match with any color(s) you choose. Using a proprietary technique, they can apply CLAIZE to any material with a grain, although most of their pieces are crafted out of Ash for its superior grain contrast and reputation as one of the most durable hardwoods.


The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been rapidly destroying entire populations of Ash trees. Unfortunately, dead and dying trees pose a huge liability to urban areas where Ash is commonly planted along community streets. Many city officials in affected areas have deemed that the most cost-effective route to keep their city’s infrastructure intact is to remove all the Ash trees, including healthy ones, before EAB can create such a liability.

Aronson Woodworks collaborates with local tree care and removal companies to salvage these beautiful urban trees which would otherwise be turned into mulch or compost – or disposed of in a landfill. It is their goal to make the most out of one of our natural resources by salvaging the lumber from these valuable trees and turning them into furniture built to last for lifetimes.


Their furniture is beautiful, unique, and built to last for lifetimes!

And....made in IOWA!!!!

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