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The Galley Workstation

Where do you spend most of your time working in the kitchen? The kitchen sink. And of course working at the counter top, back to the sink, back to the counter top, back to the sink… you get the idea. And before you set up the buffet in your kitchen to entertain, you have to clean... the counter top, the sink and all the prep dishes!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a multi-functional workspace instead? The Galley Workstation accomplishes just that!

Imagine everything happening all in one place, no more running around the kitchen – you wash, cut, season, mix, stir, serve and entertain all in one place.

How does it work?

The deep sink is fitted with two tracks on both sides and is recessed into the countertop. This double track allows for the perfectly sized cutting boards (and other accessories) to sit snug in place and slide back and forth at will. This means you have two layers of food prepping square footage! Who doesn’t want to gain counter space in your kitchen?

Plus, all the great accessory options from colanders to salad bar style set-ups allow for incredible ease in preparing and serving every meal! Grab everything you need and dump it in the sink. Wash veggies in the colander that is fitted in one of the boards, drain into the sink and next to it is the cutting board so you can grab and cut. Then when you’re done cutting you simply slide the cut veggies into the prep bowl.

Everything is done on the board fitted over the sink so the clean-up is easy!

Workstations are offered in standard 2, 3, 4 5, 6 or 7 foot lengths, and accessories are integrated in the system. Plus a Bar Station is also offered. Standard accessories include a cutting board, drain rack, platforms for colanders and mixing bowl. It can be configured with multiple bins, boards and other accessories for a range of needs and you also have your choice of finish color.

The Galley has additional accessories you can purchase that will turn the entire sink into a serving area. You can do a pasta station, salad bar, or build your own pizza bar. The larger sinks have an option to have two divided compartments so you can use the small sink as an ice bucket for drinks. And guess what? No dripping wet mess with a cooler! It’s a sink so it just drains away!

And no time to clean up? You can place all the cutting boards on the top level and hide your many dirty dishes. It is deep enough to hide a lot!

The design of the Galley Workstation is simple, but incredibly practical and quite ingenious.

Where to use?

The Galley Workstation is not only great for indoor kitchens but is perfect for outdoor kitchens and entertaining!

Where to buy?

The Galley Workstation can be purchased through any Authorized Dealer. Be sure to visit their showroom to see it for yourself! For central Iowa, visit Cabinets by Design in Grimes.

So, as you are remodeling or designing your new kitchen space (inside our outside), your sink should no longer be an after-thought in the design process. The kitchen is the hub of the home. And now...

The Galley Workstation, is the hub of the kitchen!

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